Pironman Case, Connection to Solid State Drive keeps dropping

I am having an issue with my Pironman Case, my SSD SATA M.2 drive keeps loosing connection to the Raspberry Pi. I have troubleshot the problem down the the “SSD Bridge”. When I use a spare USB-A to USB-C cable that I have here for the connection to the Raspberry Pi, all works perfectly, however, when I try to attach the SSD bridge from the USB 3.0 port on the Raspberry Pi to the Pironman Motherboard USB-C connection (meant for the SSD SATA M.2 Drive) I have intermittent drop out and loss of connection. How do I go about getting that part shipped to me? The unit was purchased on 7/1/2023, so it is certainly under warranty. Thanks!

Our colleagues have replied to your email, please check it.

I received the email, they are going to ship me a replacement SSD bridge, it will take a few weeks to arrive, I am able to use a USB-A to USB-C Data cable temporarily! Interestingly, the data cable I have shows a significant slow down accessing the SSD drive vs the USB bridge, 30mbyts/sec vs 320mbytes/sec. I am looking forward to getting the new SSD bridge to boast my speeds back up. Unfortunately, even though my current SSD bridge is faster, it is disconnecting intermittently, so the cable while currently slower, is at least reliably connecting. Thanks for all the help!


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