Pironman LED strip not working

I have installed new Pironman mini pc chasis and it seems due to some reason LED strip is not working. I tried to enable the RGB lights through command line, it did say it succeed but not light glowing.
Please help to resolve this issue if I am doing something wrong here ? or do I need to get replacement for this if it is faulty part ?
Thanks in advance.

Please check if the pironman you received is the V2 version, you can observe on the assembly foldout that there is a link to go to our tutorial.

RGB lights not working?
You may have cloned the wrong code branch, please check if your pironman code branch is bit v2.0:
cd ~/pironman
git branch
If not, switch to v2.0 and reinstall it:
git checkout v2.0
sudo python3 install.py
In the v2.0 code, the IO10 (spi) pin is used by default to drive rgb.
The command to change the rgb IO is pironman -rp 10.
Check if the IO short connector on the motherboard is properly connected.

Dear Sunfounder Team,
Thank you very much for your quick response on my query. That was spot-on. I did installed default version instead of v2.0. I have followed your steps mentioned and RGB is working fine now.
Thank you once again.

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