PironMan OLED Display not working. - Resolved!


PironMan Kit Returned, No OLED Display:

New Pironman board installed but OLED display still not working (Also tried 3 OLED screens, New GPIO ribbon cables, Checked i2c enabled, LED/SSD working Fine)

RESOLVED: It was the GPIO Bridge hardware connector adaptor that connects to the Pi4 (The one with the ribbon cable that runs to the PironMan board.)

My Symptoms: (Other than NO OLED Display)

• Power Button was not safe shutting down (holding power for 2-4 seconds did nothing)
• Running Script in ./pironman/pironman/ sudo python3 main.py  indicates OLED is not attached


  • Hope it helps somebody Out

1、Please provide your log to us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem. (The log path is /opt/pironman/log, view log command: cat log)
2、You bought more than one set of pironman, you try to replace the three OLED screen, can not be used normally, if you replace the pironman motherboard, whether it can be used normally.
If you replace the pironman motherboard, will it work properly? You can also replace the GPIO bridge and FFC cable to try.
If it is a hardware problem, we will arrange to send you a new module.


  1. Issue was NO Display Working. resolved now so no logs BUT when i ran “sudo python3 ./pironman/pironman/main.py” i saw error that OLED is not attached.
  2. yes i have multiple PIRONMAN to test parts. Tried displays, ribbon cables but it was the GPIO bridge that fixed it. (All screens are OK, ribbon cables ok etc)
  3. I will speak with my sales rep to get replaced. Thanks

We confirm that it should be the GPIO bridge problem, and our after-sales staff will contact you later to replace the bridge with a new one for you.