Pironman OLED Suddenly Shows Nothing but "Snow"

I have been running Pironman on a RPi 4b+ with 8GB memory and Raspian OS with no issues for months. Suddenly, the OLED displays nothing but “snow” like an old TV set with no reception. All else seems to work perfectly. I have checked config files, rebooted, and reinstalled Python. No joy. Any ideas?



1、Please provide us with the running log of the program so that we can locate the problem, the path of the log file is /opt/pironman/log
2、Replug the OLED screen to see if it works properly.
3, did you switch the system language? Is the language of your current system English?
3, please provide a video of the OLED screen problem.


Thank you for your reply! As per your request, I have attached a copy of the /opt/pironman/log. I have not switched the system language from my current english. Nor have I changed any other settings. An image of the Pironman screen is attached. I will not be able to take the box down and pull the screen connection for a few days as it is running some of my network software.

Thanks again.


Carl G. Keller

(Attachment 23 03 28 14 04 50 pironman.txt is missing)

1、You have not provided the logs to us, please provide the program running logs so that we can locate the problem, the path of the log file is /opt/pironman/log
2、What is your current pironman software version?
Try updating the software:
cd ~/pironman
git pull
sudo python3 install.py --no-dep

I did try to send you a copy of the config file, but your system rejected a .txt file. Nonetheless, I took your recent advice, and I reinstalled the Pironman software. It solved the problem! Thanks so much for your support! I do love my Pironman case!

Take care!



Carl G. Keller


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