Pironman OLED screen not turning on

I recently purchase the pironman case and the OLED screen is not turning on at all. I have install the software, and switch the screen to on all the time. And the screen will not turn on. I am attaching a pic of the updated software and the screen is off.

1、Is the motherboard connected to all the shorting tabs?
2、Is the Pironman software service installed correctly according to the tutorial? Is there any error reported during installation? (If there are error messages, please provide them to us)
3、Please provide us with the running log of the program so that we can locate the problem, the path of the log file is /opt/pironman/log

Here is a pic of the message when I use /opt/pironman/log.

I don’t know if the screenshot will help.

From the logs you provided, there are i2c errors reported.

  1. It may be that you do not have i2c service enabled, please make sure that i2c service is turned on (please see the picture):
    sudo raspi-config

  2. Maybe your OLED is not connected firmly.

  3. Your pironman motherboard on the IO short connector is connected well. (As shown in the picture)

If all of the above confirm that normal, it may be OLED screen is bad.