Pironman OLED IP Address

Hello, I guess this is a main.py issue, because that is the script looking for your IP address.

Anyway, I installed Docker on rapsberry and actually the system has a main IP related to wlan0, and more IPs related to the containers. So, when I switch on the OLED, the IP shown is the one related to the docker bridge, instead of the real one.

Anyone facing the same issue?

We have not reproduced this problem, please run ifconfig, and sudo python3 /opt/pironman/main.py and provide us with screenshots of the information after running.

Hello, support answered that it’s enough to change the interface id in the /opt/pironman/system_status.py, line 69.
Specifically, you should use the interface referring to the correct IP, in my case it is “wlan0” and not “lo” (the loopback). What is not clear is how to regenerate the executable in order to reflect changes.

  1. The program is to run the files in the /opt/pironman directory. After modification, run pironman restart to take effect
  2. Or you can modify the ~/pironman/pironman/system_statuss.py file and execute install.py again, which will overwrite the files under ~/pironman/pironman to /opt/pironman/
  3. We still don’t understand the situation you encountered, please execute the ifconfig command and provide us with the output information so that we can correct the problem.