Pironman on Umbrel (A personal server OS for self-hosting) does not work

Hi all,

First of all I build the pironman correctly as I was able to get it working properly with „standard Pi-OS“.

Then I used a different SD-card in order to install umbrel (https://umbrel.com/); Umbrel can be used on Raspberry Pi. You have to download an Image (this is based on Raspbian) and it works.

However, I want to run the „Pironman-Setup“ on this machine as well in order to use LED, Start-button, etc. So I did the setup described at again.

After running

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt upgrade
  • vnc installation

all seemed to be fine. The packages were going to installed without any error. However, some minutes later the „umbrel“ was not working any more. So I fashed the SD card again and started from scratch and umbrel is working again.

I left:

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt upgrade
  • vnc installation

aside and started instead with Point 5. „Set up Pironman“ according to the manual . But after

  • sudo python3 install.py

I got this error:


pironman 1.3.0 install process starts:

  • update apt… Done
  • update pip3… Done

Install dependency

  • install python3-smbus… Done
  • install i2c-tools… Done
  • install libopenjp2-7 … Done
  • install libtiff5… Done
  • install rpi-ws281x… Done
  • install pillow… Done
  • enable i2c… Done
  • enable i2c… Done
  • disable audio… Done
  • config gpio-poweroff… Done
  • config gpio-ir… Done

create WorkingDirectory

  • create /opt… Done
  • create dir… Done
  • copy service file… Done
  • add excutable mode for service file… Error

create config file

  • copy config file… Done

check startup files

  • run the service… Error

Error happened in install process:

add excutable mode for service file error:


Error:chmod: cannot access ‘/usr/lib/systemd/system/pironman.service’: No such file or directory

check startup files error:
run the service error:
Error:sudo: pironman: command not found

Try to fix it yourself, or contact service@sunfounder.com with this message

Ok, I gave pironman.service exec-rights and copied the file as desired to /usr/lib/systemd/system/pironman.service und run the installation again. And it went through.

Now pironman can be started and stopped so the program is running „successfully“, but there is no functionality (no lights etc). I did everything (e.g. update /boot/config.tex, reboot, etc)

Any ideas to get the functionality working?



Sorry for the inconvenience.
At present, our Pironman products only do the adaptation of the Raspberry Pi system, the umbrel does not do the adaptation, we recommend you use the Raspberry Pi system.

There is nothing I could try? umbrel is based on Raspbian eventually

Currently, our products only support the Raspberry Pi system, we are making some other system adaptations, such as Ubuntu, Kali, and other systems.
We still recommend you use the Raspberry Pi system first until we have the system compatibility.