Pironman v2 help

Hi i built my case up and everything worked like a dream all features worked it was great, this was created with a new ssd and clean os install - i decided to add my old ssd back in which has HA installed - i tried to get the case features working but nothing worked so i thought i would use the new ssd back in and install HA manually on this. It was working fine then after some updated it rebooted and nothing was working. The RPI LEDs briefly lights up then they go off and nothing boots. I have found the only way to make this work is power both the board and rpi with two separate psu. Both PSU are RPI 4 PSU correctly rated etc. Any ideas what could have gone wrong? loose cable i need to check?

Didn’t quite understand what you meant.
After connecting the SSD, cloning files from the SD card to the SSD didn’t work?
Is the Raspberry Pi not getting power?
We suggest you provide us with a video of the problem so that we can analyze and solve the problem.

Hi - i built the case and it worked with sd card, replaced sd card with ssd, it worked, fan,led, front display. added my sd card with Home Assistant on, and it powered up, followed the setup instructions to enable case features in HA, fan/display/led didnt work, put the original working ssd back but RPI led turn on for a second or so, then off, nothing happens. So the only way to get the case working is to power both the case and rpi with separate power supplies and it works but no longer get the power button working as the rpi is powered by its own supply.

Do you have a multimeter at home, when you only connect a power supply to the pironman motherboard to start the work, and then go to measure the GPIO 5V, GND pin output voltage is how much, the normal voltage is in 5V or so, please provide the value of your measurements to us.
If the output voltage is too low, the Raspberry Pi will be underpowered, causing the Raspberry Pi to reboot or shut down. If this phenomenon occurs, we will send you a new motherboard.
Tip: It is recommended to use the official Raspberry Pi power adapter, or a better power adapter. (5V 3A output)

HI, I have testing the voltage and with the official RPI 4 PSU attached to the pironman i get no voltage when measuring between ground and 5volts, but when i put the same psu into the RPI i get 5.21v on the same pins on the pironman board.

According to your feedback, there may be a problem with the motherboard, please contact our after-sales department (service@sunfounder.com), there will be someone to replace a new motherboard for you. Just attach a link to this forum post along with the email content.

thank you, will contact them now

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i have been busy as soon as posibel i will sent the video so i can get it to work it is sad to have it and it do not work
can you please repeat what i have to do to test the rgb light

Do the RGB light beads on your pironman motherboard work? If the RGB light bead on the motherboard works fine and the RGB light bar does not work, the RGB light bar may be bad or the RGB pin connector on the pironman motherboard may be faulty.
If the RGB lamp beads on the motherboard work normally and the RGB light bar doesn’t work, the RGB light bar may be broken or the RGB pin connector on the pironman motherboard may be faulty.
1, the motherboard power supply, please use a multimeter to measure the pironman motherboard RGB pin interface 5V, GND voltage (normal operation is about 5V)
2、Please make sure that the IO interface of the pironman motherboard is connected to the IO10 pin with a short connector.
3, in pironman software service startup state, the RGB light bar connected to the GPIO 5V, GND, MOSI pins, see if there is any response. (As shown in the picture)

4、Please provide a video of the problem to us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
5、Please provide pictures of your pironman motherboard.

Now i have time again
After taking out the rgb the pin brok og the yellow one
I took them about to try to put them on the other side put i dont know how to do as you show because it s both mal so i can not but them together.
What to do with the yellow


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It is estimated that we need to send you a replacement motherboard and RGB light strip, and an after-sales person will contact you later.