Pironman5 very poor overclocking potential


First I’d like to say I very much enjoy my Pironman5 case. It’s very pretty and makes for an awesome retro-console/media center!

That being said. I found out that it pretty much limits any ability to do some worthwhile overclocking.

With the same unit, outside the case, I could easily get to 2,9GHz stable with a delta overvolt of 50K. Using a 5,1V/5A power supply.

In the Pironman5 case, I can’t get past 2,6GHz, no matter what overvolt value I try. Same power supply is used as before.

The only thing I could think of is the issue lies in the USB-PD/HDMI board. Voltage drop or power delivery constraint from connectors or PCB traces?

Anyway, Am I the only one?

Thanks for your contact.We still need to take more time to test it.