Pironman 5 - Power supply problem

Hello, everyone,
thanks for accepting me!
I just got the Pironman 5: it’s simple awesome!!!
I installed the operating system correctly but on reboot this alert appears: Power supply not capable to supply 5A. Periphericals features will be restricted.

When copying the operating system from the SD card to the ssd (Samsung SSD 980) I get this alert: Low Voltage Warning. Please check your power supply.
The power supply provides 5v and 5A.
Can you recommend a good power supply to buy?

Thank you

What power supply do you have?

Maybe you’re using a cable that can’t handle transmitting 5A of power even though the charger itself is rated for 5A?

Hi psyko_chewbacca,
Thank you for your reply!
I checked the power supply: 4.72 V and 4.3A…
I bought the original power supply and everything works.

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it is recommended to use the official Raspberry Pi 5.1V 5A power supply to power the pironman5.

I tried using a power supply I had at home…bad choice
thanks :wink: