Pironman Power Supply Problem

Purchased the Pironman 5 recently. Build went without a hitch. Unfortunately when i use an official raspberry pi 5 power supply the unit receives no power and wont post. Tried my samsung phone charger and the unit functions correctly albeit with warnings of usb ports not receiving enough power etc. Have tried multiple brand new official raspberry pi 5 power supplies to no avail. Have had those power supplies tested and they work correctly. At a loss as to what this could be?


D you mean you are using the official 5.1V 5A power supply for the Raspberry Pi, but it is unable to power the Pironman5 properly. However, you are able to power the Pironman5 normally using a mobile phone charger, although it appears to be experiencing insufficient power supply?

1.Please test connecting both the positive and negative terminals of the Raspberry Pi official power supply connector to see if you can properly power the Pironman5.
2.Try connecting the PI5 directly to the Raspberry Pi power supply to see if it can power it normally.
3.We recommend that you provide a problem video for us, as that would help us analyze and resolve the issue.
If the video file is too large, you can upload it to OneDrive and share the video link with us, granting us access to view it.

Yes that is the exact problem. Have had the offical raspberry pi 5 power supply tested and it is functioning correctly. Powers and charges other devices fine. Have tried 3 official pi5 power supplies and none have worked. How do I go about disassembly of the pironman 5 as there are rivets and the oled screen is affixed to case?

Iā€™m thinking this is a problem with the daughter board connected to the pi5?

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So disassemble the Pironman5, and provide separate voltage to power the PI5, to see if it can work normally. The purpose is to verify if the USB HDMI adapter is causing the issue.
For the disassembly of the rivets, please refer to our video.

Hi! I have this exact same problem.
The Raspberry 5 with Pironman 5 powers up (with insufficient Power / limited capability notification in Raspberry Pi OS) with other usb power supplies but with official Raspberry Pi (5.1V 5A 27W) power supply the machine does not even boot / post just nothing. I also tried other UBS power supply with 65W capacity and the result is the same than with the official power supply.

Please disassemble the Pironman5 and power the PI5 alone with the official Raspberry Pi power supply to see if it works. The purpose of this is to verify whether is the USB HDMI adapter issue.