Rgb matrix library not found

I tried to follow the documentation about the full color rgb 8x8 matrix (hello matrix) but when I downloaded the library it only contained examples but no library. Can anyone send me a link to the library?

What kind of kit is your RGB matrix module.
We suggest you provide pictures of the RGB matrix module.
Here is the link to the code base, not sure if it is what you are looking for:

Thanks for sending the link. Now I have the library but it doesn’t work with my device. Here is a picture of it:

Here is the back of the device: it is SPI, I believe and I am using it with Arduino - (UNO) not raspberry pi.

Is there a mistake, it seems that we do not sell this product. So we didn’t find any information about this product. Can you confirm it again? :joy:

Yes this is the device. I bought in on Amazon and I thought that you also sold it. Sorry to bother you. I will look elsewhere for advice on how to use it.

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