Sunfounder GalaxyRVR not working

I have assembled my rvr as per instructions and videos. All looks good, but when switching on, I don’t get the led flash described. I then can’t get my device to connect or even find GalaxyRVR network. I have reflashed the r3 with the downloaded play mode code, but still nothing.
What am I missing here?


  1. If you have already uploaded other code for your R3 board, but you want to continue to use Play mode, you need to download the relevant code and open the galaxy-rvr.ino file located in the galaxy-rvr-main\galaxy-rvr directory. Move the switch to the right and click Upload. (As shown in the figure)

  2. To activate the ESP32 CAM, move the mode switch to the run position and press the reset button to reboot the R3 board. (Please see the video link) Please record your operation process into a video and send it to us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem. If the video file is too large, you can upload the video to your personal OneDrive and then share the video link with us.