The maxium height of sprider robot legs

How to calculate the leg coordinates. for example, if I want a robot stand-up around 110mm in height. how to calculate x,y,z? What is the maximum height of the piCrawler robot leg?

Each leg of the spider has independent coordinates, with the origin of the coordinates being the axis of the rudder inside the body.

Hello @Henry
To calculate the leg coordinates for your PiCrawler robot to stand at 110mm in height,

I think you can use inverse kinematics. It can be used to find out the joint angles.
Before using the trigonometric function, you can set your robot’s coordination system.

Then calculate the angles required for each joint.
Then, using the lengths of the leg segments and the necessary height (110mm), form right triangles. You can use the Pythagorean theorem and trigonometric identities to solve for x, y, and z coordinates.

I hope this will helpful for you.