Trouble flashing Galaxy RVR

I’m trying to use Arduino IDE 2.3.2 to flash my Galaxy RVR following the online instructions for the kit on the Sunfounder website. I have added the libraries to Arduino IDE as directed, but when I attempt to upload galaxy-rvr.ino to the board, the IDE hangs in “uploading” and times out after several minutes with no apparent communication with the board.

Upload switch is moved to the upload position on the shield, I also double checked that I have the correct COM port selected in the IDE. The ESP-32-CAM is disconnected from the shield board. The board is receiving power from the computer and the IDE does recognize the COM/USB port in the pull down menu.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

1.Please confirm that the expansion board is properly aligned and connected to the UNO R3 board.
2.Please check that the ESP-32-CAM is properly connected to the adapter.
3.If the hardware connections are correct, please record a video of the steps you are taking to upload the code, so that we can analyze and help resolve the problem.

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The expansion board is fully seated with all pins mating to the corresponding headers on the Uno R3 board.

I reconnected the ESP-32-CAM to the adapter (no change there, the failure was the same whether it was connected or not).

I attempted to upload videos as requested but the forum blocked me from doing that since I’m a “new user”. All I did was select COM8 (the com port that the Uno is connected to) and click upload. Screenshot attached. The IDE sat there with a blank screen in the output window for about five minutes before displaying the error messages in the screenshot.

1.If the Arduino IDE prompts you to update the libraries when you enter it, please follow the instructions and update them.
2.Disconnect the expansion board from the UNO and then upload the code to the UNO to see if the same error still occurs. You can also try uploading the code using a different USB port on your PC.
3.Please check if you have made any changes to the code yourself.