Ws2812 strip not working

I’ve copied the circuit as it is listed here 3.3 RGB LED Strip — SunFounder Kepler Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico W 1.0 documentation

And I have made sure to include the library in the pico.

This is a brand new kepler kit I purchased and I’m not sure why it’s not working.

What are some ways I can troubleshoot?

1、Please make sure the wiring is correct. (Is the wiring firm, is the PICO W in good contact with the breadboard, is the RGB in good contact with the breadboard)
2、Is MicroPython installed correctly on your Pico W, please refer to the tutorial:
3、Is the source code downloaded correctly.
4、Is the executed code correct.
5、 library is uploaded in PICO W or not.
6、Is it possible to run other module functions.
If the above confirms no problem, it may be that the RGB is damaged, we will send you a replacement module accordingly.

Thank you for your reply. My problem was that the pi (again) wasn’t securely placed in the breadboard