WS2818 RGB Strip Python Program with Pironman V1

Hello All,
Have been testing my Pironman WS2818 LEDs and was wondering if there was anyone that has worked with the file to have the Leds go thru a variable color and flashing schema? I will be trying my hand at it but do not want to re-invent the wheel!

  1. You want to change the color of the RGB lights:
    Please execute the command Pironman -rc.
    You can refer to the RGB comparison table:
    Example: You want to change the color of the RGB light to red.
    Execute Pironman -rc FF0000

  2. You want to change the blinking mode of the RGB light:
    Please execute Pironman -rs command, there are four blinking modes for you to choose on our tutorial:
    breathe, leap, flow, raise_up