Pironman V2 light system

I recently buy a mini tower, I like it so much. I just want to know if it’s possible to fully customize the lights animation? To make a king of fire place with lights…

Yes, you can use sudo pironman -rs colorful , to set the rgb style to multiple colors. In addition, you can modify the color of each light in the /opt/pironman/ws2812_RGB.py file, and they will change to the breathing style, you can refer to the code to implement other styles by programming yourself. Note that after modification save and execute sudo pironman restart to restart the program to make it take effect. (As shown in the picture)

Currently, the colorful colors are only available in the breath style. Considering that the commands ‘breath’, ‘leap’, ‘flow’, ‘raise_up’, ‘colorful’, etc. are designed to be siblings, we have not added more styles for this purpose. Maybe we’ll put the colorful setting into the color setting directive. If you are familiar with programming you can refer to the code and write the style you want.

Interesting, I’ll try some mods, after made a backup of the file. Is there an order for the LEDs? Lower to higher. In program, is it possible to set lower led fix and upper led like fade in fade out, like dancing flame? I’m kind of novice in programming but I want to learn.

Didn’t quite understand the effect you were talking about like flames dancing. (If you can provide a visual example)
After we installed the software successfully, the default RGB working state is like a breathing state, the light slowly changes from dim to bright, and then from bright to dim, and it keeps working in a cycle.