EZ Block Studio Not Connecting to WIFI

I am trying to connect to the EZBLOCK Studio, both on an iphone and thru a web browser.
I am using ezblock version 3.2.140, and the raspberry pi load is “Raspios-buster-armhf-lite-2021-1-11_EzBlockOS-v1.2.3”. As of 12/31/2023 I believe these are all the latest versions. I have a Rasberrypi 3 b+.

My hostname is set to raspberrypi, my username and password is the default “pi” and “raspberry”. SSH is enabled, with “use password authentication”. The wireless LAN SSID is set to my wifi network name with correct password.

In the ezblock application I am able to connect to bluetooth, but when connecting to wifi I get the message “mobile devices and product are not on the same network, you can : 1. go to system settings and change the wi-fi on your mobile device. 2. click the button below to change the wi-fi of the product.” When I click on the button I verify that my Wi-Fi network name and password is correct, and is the same Wi-Fi network that my phone is connected to. When I hit verify, it still gives me a connection error and I can’t move beyond this screen.

I have connected the rasberry pi to a screen and keyboard. I verified that it is connected to the Wi-Fi network, and can ping google.com. I set a static IP to see if this would resolve the issue, but it did not. I changed it back to dynamic, but I still have the issue.

Does anyone know what is going on? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Keep the Raspberry Pi IP on the same LAN as your mobile device to connect to WiFi properly.
If the LAN is not the same, you will be prompted to configure your network.
Try installing EZBLOCK Studio on the Android Play Store and connecting again to see if you can connect properly.
Or visit EZBLOCK Studio on your browser and enter the IP to connect to the robot and see how it works.
We have tested on site that it can connect properly.
If you are using an iPhone device, if the connection fails, we recommend that you go to Settings to ignore the Bluetooth information of the connection, and then go to the app to reconnect.
We also recommend that you share the video of the connection process with us, so that it is easy to analyze and solve the problem.

OK, I finally figured it out. Please keep this in mind for others.

I tried with a web browser, no luck. I tried with an android phone, no luck. I changed to a raspberry 4, again no luck.

Then I changed my WIFI name from homewifi#3 to homewifi3, and it worked!

I believe the EZblock software does not the like special character ‘#’ in the WIFI name.

Right, I’m very sorry, we didn’t tell you about the character limit for WiFi names.
The input box only supports English letters and numbers, not special symbols.