Pi camera module 3

Is it possible to run picar-x with pi camera module 3 with Sony IMX708 sensor ?

At this time we have not attempted to do pi camera module 3 compatibility with the Sony IMX708 sensor, so no conclusions on that front. If you have this module, you can try it yourself first.

Not sure you’ll ever see this but just in case someone else comes here looking for this question, it will not work.

The board fits fine but the camera and the connecter are slightly too big to fit through the rectangular hole on the servo head plate.

I tried removing the camera from the board and attaching it back after I installed the board and it still wouldn’t fit because of the size of the cable. Stick to module v2 for now.

and you managed to modify vilib to support picam v3 ?
picamera v3 is supported only by libcamera/picamera2 library

vilib from sunfounder uses picamera so picamera v3 does not work on that…

I didn’t even get to that step because the actual camera won’t fit the chassis. If you create your own camera plate with a larger cut out it may be possible.