(Pidog) App Controller Crashes Pi After Completing first Input

Hey all. I finished my Pidog build today. It was a lot of fun and everything (sound, key board control, preset function examples, video streaming over ip, etc) seems to work well so far except controlling the PiDog via the Android App controller. The video works on screen without issue, until I start inputting movement commands. “Stand”, “Leg Movement” and so on seem to crash the pi after the dog performs the first command, and it disconnects from wifi. It reconnects after a manual reboot (flipping the switch on HAT).

I am using a Pi-5 with the latest bookworm update (64 bit). I knew this wasn’t recommended when I built it, but my Pi-4 was mistakenly left out of my order when it was shipped and I had a pi-5 on hand. Support is sending me a Pi-4 already, no problem there.

Client device Pixel 6 pro android 14
Eero mesh network running ipv6. Pidog connects on 5ghz band.

If you think the board is the problem I can swap in an old pi-3 b i have laying around, or reflash with 32 bit and install everything again or both.

If I do need to start over, please clarify how bad it will be in terms of re-zeroing the servos and so on. Thanks in advance.

Just to add on here. I have had more time to test, and I am more confident that ever that everything works but the controller. I modified the ball chasing script to include a tail wag when pidog reaches the ball. No problem using camera along side motion for this (i conclude it is not a power or action specific issue).

I modified an example script provided to add a tail wag to the stretch with the dog butt in the air code, then launch ball chasing. No problem.

I modified the facial recognition behavior example to include other action which are lengthy and complex. No problem.

At this point, even with going with 64 bit bookworm on pi 5. The controller is the only stand out. I am going to test other client devices and wifi networks today.

I would appreciate some input on how to gather useful data from the time of the crash i described above, as it continues to be the only thing i cannot figure out.

You are using the PI5 and pidog, and controlling the pidog with the Sunfounder controller. When the pidog is standing up, the PI5 will suddenly power off, right?
This is because the pidog consumes a large amount of current when it’s standing up, which causes the robot hat to not be able to provide enough power to the PI5, resulting in the power-off and restart.
Currently, the pidog is not fully compatible with the PI5, and we are working on upgrading the robot hat to be compatible with the PI5.
For now, we suggest you use the PI4 or PI3 in combination with the pidog.

I totally understand and appreciate the reply. It’s just confusing that it can run the camera and chase a ball just fine, stream video to my browser and stand and walk around, but crashes when using the App.

Running all the same commands via ssh has never crashed it. Maybe I’ll try tweaking the controller commands a little to make them a little less power intensive. Thanks!

You can try using the PI4 or PI3 with the Pidog, and work with the APP to see if the same power outage issue occurs as with the PI5.
If the power outage issue also happens with the PI4/PI3, then the problem may lie with the APP or the APP examples.