PIiCar-V Camera is not working

120 degree Wide Angle USB Camera isn’t showing feed on PC. This is for the PiCar-V kit.

Is the v3.0 code being used? In the 3.0 code, we changed the way the video stream is displayed, so client.py is not compatible and is deprecated.
You can execute these three commands to switch branches and reinstall the code
cd ~/SunFounder_PiCar-V
git checkout V3.0
sudo . /install_dependencies

Before you do that, you can make sure the camera module is okay.
Enter the lsusb command to see if the Raspberry Pi detects the usb camera.

You can also plug the camera module directly into your own computer to see if it works.

I tried typing the following lines of code and got “error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by checkout:
Please commit your changes or stash them before you switch branches.
What does this mean and how do I fix it? Thanks.

Don’t quite understand what it means, sorry!
If there are any errors reported, please provide a screenshot of the error so that we can analyze the problem.
Or you can download and install the source code again.

You may have made a change to a file on the server; you should be able to safely undo any of your changes by typing: git reset --hard

Once you do that, you can pull the updated V3.0 branch code. My camera was also not working and is now working after doing this. Once you run this though, it looks like it resets the server ip and port (it defaults to; you will need to go into your start file under the SunFounder_PiCar-V directory and update the IP address and port and save it, then start the server back up.

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Thank you! It finally works, although the camera quality seems very poor, very blurry for some reason.
I wonder if this is just normal for the type of USB camera being used or if it’s something else?

You’re welcome! I did notice the same thing - it’s very blurry and it wasn’t like that before. It also seems very choppy. SunFounder_Moderator - is ther eanything which may have changed or anything that we need to do to fix this?

The camera hardware is 0.3 megapixel
You said the image is very blurred, can you provide us with clear screenshots, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.

Im afraid I can’t at the moment, Im on vacation until the 18th of August. By then I should be able to get some pictures and more detail of the PiCar. Thanks!

This is no problem, feel free to contact us.

Hopefully this picture comes through; this is what I’m seeing:

1、Because the resolution is not so high, if the resolution is too high, it will cause the screen to lag.

2、The screen is fuzzy, and the network has a certain correlation, please try to change other networks.

By network, do you mean wireless network? If so, that isn’t the issue; I have a strong signal here and only have one network in my home. It’s also doubtful that this is the issue if the other person on this thread is experiencing the same thing (and this just started happening; I did not have this issue before).


The picture is a little blurry due to the low resolution. (Resolution is 640*480)
Because of the high resolution, the transmission data is slow, resulting in a serious delay or lag in the picture.
Tip: USB camera also has the function of adjusting the focus, you can adjust the focus to try. (The adjustment position is to turn the camera silver-white circle)

I’m finally back! Sorry it took over a month, I got real busy ever since the last time. But this is currently what my feed looks like on the USB camera.

The transmission is also really slow as you talked about, even with such poor quality video. I’m not sure how to adjust/fix this!

Try changing the USB port on your Raspberry Pi.
After you run the program, try adjusting the focus of the camera to see if it improves the clarity of the image. (Adjustment is made by turning the camera’s silver-white circle)