Pironman 5 does not find my nvme

I’ve done what I can find on the 'net to get the drive found/recognized etc.
Neither the Raspberry Pi Imager nor the SD card Copier can see it.
The drive itself is a Sabrent Rocket 1TB. The label on the nvme does not include a 4 in the description. So it is not a Rocket 4 which is on the list of good drives
I have modified the eeprom. It reads:

Are there some other steps I need to take? Buy a different nvme?
I have a different nmve that my Pironman 4 can find and boot from. But if I put it in the 5 it still doesn’t seem find the nvme.

Did you add:

to the bottom of the file:


Yes, I did.
I also just bought a Kingston NV2 nvme. That is on the list of good drives. Hopefully that makes a difference. I won’t know until later in the week when it finally gets here.

You mentioned that you are able to recognize the SSD in your pironman4.
Is the pironman4 the model we are discussing here:
If so, and you are able to recognize the SSD, then that means your SSD is using the SATA interface protocol.
This is because the pironman4 only supports SATA interface protocol SSDs, whereas the pironman5 does not support SATA interface protocol SSDs.
So you would not be able to recognize an ATA interface protocol SSD on your pironman5.
Please confirm the type of SSD you have.
If possible, please provide us a picture of the SSD.