Pironman 5 i/o errors on boot

My newly assembled Pironman 5 will stall at the Raspberry Pi OS welcome screen, or show the (initramfs) command line after reporting a bunch of i/o errors. Once it booted to the welcome screen with systemd-rfkill.service in the lower left corner. Any advice?

What are you booting off? And how is it connected? I had a faulty microSD extender that was giving me similar errors. When I inserted the microSD card directly into the pi, everything worked correctly.

Off of the microSD card. I did dis-assemble the case and reseat the extender board…no luck, but it certainly seems like thats the issue. I’ll try it without the board later.

1.Please disassemble the pironman5, connect the PI5 with the SD expansion board, insert the SD card, and then start it to see if it can work normally.
2.Use your hand to gently hold the SD expansion board and ensure the connection with the PI5 interface is complete, then start it again to check the working condition.
If the device can work normally when you hold the SD expansion board to keep it in full contact with the PI5 interface, it indicates that the SD expansion board connector is loose, causing it to not make complete contact with the PI5 interface, resulting in the SD card not being recognized.
We will send you a new SD expansion board as a replacement.

I have almost the same problem. I’m booting Home assistant on sd card. When the card is directly into the rpi5 it boot normally. When I boot with card in the SD expansion, HA won’t boot and I get tons of i/o error. If I place the SD card in a usb adapter it boot normally. So I suspect the SD expansion board is defective. How do I get a replacement one ?

I have confirmed that the MicroSD Extender board is the issue. Even when held in by hand it produces i/o errors. Pi boots normally without it.

I also noticed that when fully inserted, the expansion board screw holes are slightly mis-aligned with the Pi which causes the expansion board to pull out of the sd card slot a little when screwed in.

So how can we get a replacement for this part. I can’t find any way on the website to report that bug

Please contact at service@sunfounder.com,we will send you the SD expansion board replacement.