Pironman Case no RGB

I purchased two of the Pironman cases and both are setup identical. One case has the RGB working while the other does not. Any tips on what I may need to do to get RGB working on the non-working case? I have verified all connections and jumpers and can submit photos once I am home.

Have you installed our software service according to the tutorial?
The software installation tutorial is here: 5. Set up the Pironman — SunFounder Pironman documentation
Whether to use the command to turn on the WS2812 RGB LED strip
Pironman -rw on
Please check the WS2812 Strip (IO12): If this jumper cap is removed (or without the jumper cap), the WS2812 Strip will not work.

Thank you for the tip about the jumper! I ordered one from amazon and now I’m all set.