Pironman Case Raspberry Pi 4 - SSD brand


I have a Pironman Case Raspberry Pi 4 and have a problem with SSD M.2 Device : Where buy the SSD M.2, which brand and reference working with the case.

Thanks for your help.

It can be bought on the Amazon platform, specifications: SATA. M2 SSD length and width support up to 2280, common ones are 2242, 2260, 2280
Please confirm whether your SSD is SATA protocol, pironman only supports SATA protocol SSD, not NVME protocol.
Connect the bridge board connector, use the sd card to start and connect the SSD, check if the SSD hard disk is recognized, and execute the command sudo fdisk -l.
SATA. M2 SSD has two interfaces SATA and NVME, Pironman only supports SATA interface. The metal pins of the two hard drives are different. Generally speaking, SATA has two notches, and NVME has only one notch: Antara M.2, M.2 NVME SSD dan M.2 SATA SSD - de-Tekno.com ssd-dan-m-2-sata-ssd/