Problems with SSD Pironman v.2

Good afternoon. Help solve the problem with the SSD working with the Pironman v case.2. If you boot the system from an SD card, then everything works fine and stable. If you use an SSD boot (I use WD Green 120 GB), the following problems occur:

  1. at the first start, the system does not boot, the green LED of the Raspberry Pi flashes 7 times, the red LEDs on the Pironman board just light up. If you turn off and turn on the power again, then it loads.
  2. when restarting the system (sudo reboot), sometimes the system also does not boot. You have to turn off and turn on the power.
  3. when the system is running, access to the operating system is denied at any time. The red LEDs on the Pironman board stop flashing. Only turning off the power helps.
    Everything is fine with the power supply, I use the original Raspberry Pi power supply. I have installed various operating systems HassOS, Raspberry Pi OS - bullseye, bookworm. I used a USB-USB type c cable to connect the SSD. But the problem does not go away.SSD is working fine on other devices.
    I consider the Pironman to be the best case for Raspberry Pi 4 today, and for this reason I want to achieve its stable operation with SSD. Please help me do this.
  1. Please check if the SSD you are using is SATA protocol yet.
    The M.2 SSD hard disk interface only supports SATA protocol, not NVME/PCIe.
  2. You need to change the reboot order to boot from SSD. The default is to boot from the SD card, if you don’t insert the SD card, the Raspberry Pi will recognize the SD card first, and then fail the SSD, so it will take too long to boot.
    We suggest you follow the tutorial and change the reboot order:
    SATA M.2 SSD — SunFounder Pironman documentation
    After you have successfully modified the reboot order, go back and try to work again.

I am using this ssd.

The video was recorded after installing the USB Boot. This did not solve the problem.

  1. You use SD card to boot pironman, then connect the USB bridge to see if the SSD can be recognized.
    If it doesn’t, use a Type-C cable instead of the USB bridge to see if it recognizes the SSD.
  2. You boot the system from the SSD, you pironman connected to an external screen, see what screen appears at startup.
    Suggest that your video content can see the working status of the pironman and the working status of the external screen.

The essence of the problem lies in the fact that an SSD connected via a USB bridge or via a USB type-c cable does not matter, it does not always boot when power is applied. If you turn off and turn on the power again, then it boots up. When it is running, access to the operating system is lost at random times. As I understand it, the SSD stops being detected. It can work normally from 6 hours to 3 days. Therefore, it is almost impossible to fix the moment when a failure occurs. Pironman works for me 24/7 as a smart home server Home Assistant. I use the Raspberry Pi OS lite bookworm operating system. After a forced reboot with the sudo reboot command, the operating system may fail to boot in 3 out of 10 cases. The screen is just black, Pironman behaves like in the video, there is also no ssh access.

I’ve tried rebooting it now. Just a black screen and the operating system did not boot from the ssd.
Then it was displayed on the screen, but it did not load.

Then it loaded successfully

I have tried everything to solve this problem, but there is no result.

From your case, the possible reasons are: SSD is damaged or has poor contact, resulting in SSD read/write abnormality. Please re-plug and unplug the SSD, and see if the metal pins are good and not oxidized. If you have another SSD, you can replace it to test. You can also connect the SSD to PC via USB-C cable, and do read/write test on PC.

“thanks. Today I’m going to try to buy a new SSD and see how it will work.

I bought a new SSD. But I’m really sorry, the new SSD works the same as the old one. Nothing has changed. I really tried everything to solve this problem. But I’m not getting anywhere. I think the Pironman motherboard is broken

Today, again, I suddenly stopped accessing the system. This error is displayed on the screen:

Our after-sales customer service will contact you to resend you a new Pironman motherboard.

Thank you very much for the high-quality technical support

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