Pironman w/ raspberry pi 4 & SSD - not working

I’m in the process of installing this beautiful Pironman case but when I finally got to the point of testing I cant get it to work. I have a Pironman case + 1tb SSD sata m.2 + Pi4

What I have done:

Once I installed the SSD sata to the board I realized I need to get an OS on it. I learned people put berryboot on a MicroSD. So I did that, plugged in a USB C cable connected to a monitor, and plugged in that MicroSD into the Pironman board microSD slot in the back but nothing happened.

So I then started swapping the monitor USB C cable (connected to side) to the Pironman board, and vice versa. I even connected the Pironman jumper and tried all the variations of wires and that didn’t work.

I then thought it was this berryboot microSD so I pulled a microSD out of my working pi4 that has raspberry pi OS 64-bit installed and pulled it into the Pironman SD card slot and tried all the above things and that didn’t work either.

What would you do to troubleshoot this issue im having?
How do I get this Pironman SD card slot to work

Image gallery of all the ribbon cables plugged in, they all look okay: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

SD card not working?

  1. Is the SD card properly burned into the system?
  2. If your Raspberry Pi is connected to a screen, please take a photo of the detection message displayed on the screen during startup and send it to us.
  3. Please insert the SD card directly into the Raspberry Pi card slot to see if it works, otherwise there is a problem with the Raspberry Pi card slot or the SD card.
  4. If you confirm that there is no problem with the SD card, Raspberry Pi and the parts connection, then it may be a problem with the pironman’s SD card slot connector.
    SSD is not recognized?
  5. Please re-plug the USB bridge version to see if it works.
  6. Please use to troubleshoot the problem through the following steps, let us know the result, and preferably provide us with photos or other information so that we can locate the problem:
    a. Use the typec cable to connect the SSD interface to the PC, check if the PC recognizes the SSD (note that you need to check from the device manager to see if it does)
    b. Use the typec cable to connect the SSD to the Raspberry Pi, replace the Raspberry with another USB port, and see if the PC recognizes the SSD.
    c. If the typeC cable instead of usb bridge board to connect the raspberry pi and pironman motherboard, still can’t detect the SSD, it means that there is a problem with the interface of the pironman motherboard.

Tip: Try to use two power supplies to power the Raspberry Pi and the pironman motherboard separately.

I have same problem, my solution is the “SSD Bridge” is not work.
everythnig work with a “Type C” cable.
So how can you exchange this one to me, so i get a new one ???

The issue for me was I was trying to plug my USB C monitor into the power connection. Once I used micro HDMI plug it in proper port it worke.d

Please get in touch with our after-sales customer service(service@sunfounder.com), we will have someone follow up to replace the USB bridge for you. Please attach the link to this post for the content.

I have same problem

If you are experiencing the above problem and have tried the solutions I mentioned in the message above, but still have not solved the problem, then please contact our after-sales service email address (service@sunfounder.com)and we will replace the USB bridge with a new one for you.Please attach the link to this post for the content.