Pironman board power problem

Hello, I bought a Pironman in January 2023 and run it with a Raspberry Pi 4 and an M.2 SSD card.
All the time ran without errors but for 3 weeks it keeps crashing and rebooting. I’ve swapped the USB bridge to no avail. If I use the power supply from the Raspberry Pi 4, the Raspberry works, but the board no longer has any LEDs.

Greetings Tino

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It’s possible that the motherboard has malfunctioned. Please contact our customer service email (service@sunfounder.com) to replace it with a new one.

Thank you, I wrote an email

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same for me!

it crash at random time

i have re install rasberry pi 4

more stable

but if i use this command

sudo apt-get update

i tink the update make the SSD unstable
must be a bug in the update !!!

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