Pironman keeps destroying my micro SD cards

I could use the operating system that was loaded on the SD card until I attempted to power on the Pironman. The monitor shows a graphic on the screen for a few seconds before it disappears and the Raspberry Pi restarts. I downloaded the operating software three times from different internet locations and each attempt destroyed the SD cards. I followed the instructions included in the box and different online tutorials. Nothing has worked. I have emailed SunFounder and got no response. I posted my issue on the seller website hoping for a response, and nothing. Anyone have any ideas before I throw it away?

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Please provide the video of the problem to us, so that we can analyze the problem and give you a satisfactory solution.
1.Please make sure your wiring is correct, it is better to provide us with pictures so that we can confirm.
2. If your Raspberry Pi is connected to the screen, please take a picture of the detection information displayed on the screen at startup and send it to us.
3. Please insert the SD directly into the Raspberry Pi card slot to see if it works. If it works, there is something wrong with the pironman motherboard or the SD card bridge or FFC cable;
Otherwise, there is something wrong with the Raspberry Pi card slot or SD card.
4. Try to replace the SD card to try to work.