Pironman - Main Board built-in LEDs malfunctioning?

Hello there,

I don’t seem to have had any issues installing the software, and running the default configuration or putting this kit together. However, in such default mode, the LED D3 on the main board does not seem to work or switch on (all the others work correctly in blue and the rgb strip also works well in blue). If i change the config to colorful, then this particular LED blinks in green (in quite a predictable pattern), and if i change the pwm setting instead, then this LED blinks (fast) through all the range of colours. It seems the LED works therefore but behaves quite erratically. Do I need a replacement board, or this an expected behaviour due to bad software developing? All the remaining LEDs and RGB strip and OLED screen seems to work well and as intended.

I have to say that when changing the colour to purple instead of blue, but while leaving the rest of the setting still on breath, the D3 LED also blinks green in the same manner. Blue setting keeps the D3 LED switched off and any other different colour makes it blink in green.

Also, Would someone also explain to me the reason for the config settings of rgb_blink and rgb pwm? what does changing these settings really do in actual practical terms?

I think I have also experienced that when setting the config settings to leap or flow, then the LED opposite of D3 underside/underneath D3 sometimes blinks in white erratically as well. It does it every so often, and does not seem as erratic, or as faulty, as the D3 LED though.

  1. Maybe D3 LED is damaged, only the internal R, G, and B three beads, only green can work properly, please set the color to pure red #ff0000, pure blue #0000ff, pure green #00ff00, check the display of RGB lights
    (If the LED is damaged, the entire motherboard needs to be replaced)
  2. Rgb_blink is to set the speed of RGB display effects change, rgb_pwm is to set the Raspberry Pi PWM frequency to ensure that the Raspberry Pi output PWM frequency can drive the ws2812 RGB light set, from your case to see the other LEDs are normal, so the frequency is correct.

Setting this to pure red, renders the D3 LED to blink in green, same for green, but is off for pure blue. What do you reckon? Have you tried this yourself? Should D3 LED display blue in pure blue? Or is it off at your end? Do I have a faulty board then? How can I get replacement?

Also, can you make the LEDs perform a test to check they work ok?

I think the software is causing an issue with the D3 LED. But it could be faulty yes. Can you send a photo of how the board’s D3 led looks at your end when the config is set to pironman’s default blue?

The user’s motherboard D3 has three lamp beads, there is a bad, the current solution is only for the user to reissue a new motherboard.
Software is no problem.

Ok. How do I request a replacement board then, please?

Please contact our customer service team: service@sunfounder.com