Pironman - Power on/off button - only one green wire

I have a trouble with my Pironman: into the power off/on button I have a red wire, a green wire and two black wires (instead of 2 green and 1 black).
If I’ll try various combinations of the wires (to understand who is the wrong wire), I’m going to destroy everything?
There is a way to understand what is 5V, GND and the other two wires?


I am very sorry for the inconvenience to your work.
You can look at the wiring, engraved with the “+” symbol this line is 5V, 5V opposite on the GND. the other two lines do not need to distinguish.
If you do not understand, you can take a picture to us, we help you confirm.

Thanks a lot, I’ll look as soon as possible.
And don’t worry for the inconvenience, sometimes they happen, just fix it :slight_smile:


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Hi, I’ve finished to build the Pironman, thanks. All works well!

Now I have only to understand how to write the OS into the M.2 SSD SATA I put inside the Pironman… It seems that to write the system with dd is not enough, the Raspberry Pi 4 doesn’t boot from M.2 :frowning:

1、Please confirm what your SSD specification is, M.2 SSD hard drive interface only supports SATA protocol and does not support NVME/PCIe.
2、Please follow our tutorial to operate:
3、Perform sudo fdisk -l to see if the SSD can be recognized.
4、Please plug and unplug the USB bridge version again to see if it works
5、Please use the following steps to troubleshoot the problem and inform us of the results, preferably providing us with photos or other information so that we can locate the problem:
a. Use the typec data cable to connect the SSD interface and PC, check whether the PC recognizes the SSD, replace the Raspberry Pi other usb interface to try (note that you need to check whether from the device manager)
b. Use the typec cable instead of the USB bridge to try, replace the Raspberry other USB interface, see if the Raspberry Pi can recognize the SSD properly.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

Well, the SSD is a M.2 SATA and is recognized by the Raspberry Pi as you can see from the screenshot (I installed Gparted to show you).

I copied the operating system on the SSD as explained into the guide… but at the boot the system doesn’t start :frowning:

I solved!

One of the partition created with dd into the M.2 (the one that use FAT32) was not readable by the system cause a missing package (Mtools) in Raspberry Pi OS.
I installed it, rewrote the system and now I’m writing you from Raspberry Pi OS booting from my M.2!

Thanks a lot

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