Pironman v2 scrambles on setting update

Hi Everyone,

I received my Pironman v2 case today and I managed to get everything to work on the first try (minus plugging in the USB power into the Raspberry Pi instead of the case board :)).

I have a very strange problem in that whenever I update the pironman settings (via command line interface), the display, lighting controls, fan, everything just starts to scramble (the power button and the Raspberry Pi itself still function normally). When I reboot the system, the new settings work.

Has anyone encountered this before and any guidance?


1、If you connect the power supply to the Raspberry Pi and not to the pironman board, the function won’t work because the Raspberry Pi can’t supply power to the motherboard.
You need to connect the power supply to the pironman board, and then output 5V to the Raspberry Pi via GPIO.
2、Did you modify the value or mode of the function and did not receive the modified state directly?
Can you provide us with a video of the problem, so that we can analyze and solve the problem?
What function did you modify that is not directly realized, need to restart the Raspberry Pi to realize it.

Thanks kindly for your fast reply.

  1. Yep :). I learned that the hard way
  2. I have made zero modifications - running Raspberry Pi 4 (Raspbian) out of the box, and downloaded the Pironman software as-is.

Video is here - you can see even minor setting change (fan temperature from 50 to 49) causes the LED strips to flicker intensely and the fan lights to change colours. The OLED screen scrambled in a prior attempt but I didn’t capture that. https://youtu.be/bdN_XhgQsXM

We have fixed the problem, you need to uninstall the pironman software and reboot to install the pironman software.
sudo pip3 uninstall pironman
sudo rm -rf pironman
Reinstall pironman:
cd ~
git clone GitHub - sunfounder/pironman -b v2.0
cd ~/pironman
sudo python3 install.py

Thank you so much - it works perfectly now!

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