Rob strip on high can’t change it

I purchased this pironman case. Assembly was straight forward. There was no oiled display but I continued anyway. I set it up according to section. Ran the config. Then try I’d some changes to the settings and here is where I have an issue. The power switch lights but with out the OLED display not sure if it is working. Set the fan to 50 degrees Fahrenheit but it does not come on. The RGB strip turns on bright but even changing the config settings and doing a reboot I can’t change speed, on/off or display mode. All the jumpers are in place. The jumper for the power switch is across the 2 pins on the right as shown in the manual. I want to add an Ssn card but if I can’t fix this I am not sure I will any help is greatly appreciated

That’s supposed to be aSD card

1、First of all, please confirm what system you are using. At present, we only support Raspberry Pi system. Other systems are not adapted.
2、Please confirm whether their IO jumper caps are connected? (As shown in the picture)
If this jumper cap is unplugged, the power button will not work. In addition, the power button is also used to wake up the OLED screen in sleep mode.

  1. Is the Pironman software service installed correctly according to the tutorial? Were there any errors reported during the installation?
    4、Run sudo Pironman stop && sudo python3 /opt/pironman/ to see if there is any error reported, please provide the log to us.

Raspi errors

Attached is a picture of the error log.

The error most likely is because there is no OLED display. I could not find one in the box that the pironman case came in

The system I am using is a raspberrypi 4b 2Ge

all jumper caps are installed as shown shutdown jumper cap is across the 2 pins closest to the power switch connectors

While loading the software I saw no errors but there are two in the log

Following was the build procedure:

Loaded raspberry pi  image
Moved to rasp pi
Ran radio.config
Allowed camera and checked location settings
Ran sudo apt-get update
Ran sudo apt-get upgrade
Ran sudo nano /boot/config.txt
Added the two lines as showed
Saved the file and rebooted
Cd ~
Got clone
Cd ~pironman
Sudo python3

I have no OLED screen but the light strip turned on and the ring around the on/off switch turned on
Modified to Fahrenheit and temperature set point
The fan started running but stopped

Hello cobbler295,

About the questions you mentioned, please check below, thanks:

  1. There is an i2c error report in the log you provided.
    Don’t you have an OLED screen? Did you not install it, or did the Pironman you received not have an OLED screen? If you haven’t received it, we will send it to you ASAP.

If you have an OLED screen and assembled it, please check whether the OLED screen is connected properly? Is the i2c service turned on? You need to enter the settings and enable the I2C service with the sudo raspi-config command.

  1. If the OLED screen is not connected and an i2c error is reported, the functions of the pironman will not work normally.

Please kindly check it and tell us the result, thanks.

I did not get an OLED screen.

Denny Everitt

Hello cobbler295, our staff has arranged a replacement for you, and contacted you via email. :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your support.

Thank you very much!

Denny Everitt