Problems during file copy from ssd to ssd

During large (100 files+) copy from external SSD connected to usb3 to internal ssd via usb bridge or from microsd to ssd (internal or external), a reboot of raspberry pi is initiated after a few second.
Copy is corrected initiated but after a few second, rpi is rebooted
power is connected to pironman
a workaround is to operate copy with power directly connected to rpi
maybe a reboot initiated by power supervisor of rpi by a diving voltage during copy

Do you mean that when you connect the SSD and copy the SD card’s external connection to the SSD via USB bridge, it will reboot the Raspberry Pi,
We suggest you provide us with a video of the problem so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
You can try to use two power supplies to power the Raspberry Pi and the pironman motherboard separately to see if the reboot occurs when working.

I’m not able to provide you a video of the problem but i can describe the problem

on usb3_1, i have a T3 Samsung SSD
on usb3_2, i have usb bridge to pironman for ssd M2 SATA

both ssd are mounted and work perfectly
power is connected to pironman

on command cp from partition mounted on usb3_1 to partition mounted on usb3_2 (or vice versa) with a large amount of files, transfert is initiated and files are copied for a few seconds then rpi4 is rebooted

if i connect power directly to rpi4, the problem doesn’t occurs

I think that powering rpi4 via GPIO 5.0V occurs to power supply supervision to reset due to a drop of voltage by a current draw during transfert

If a connect the power to pironman and i make the same process but by ftp from a another computer, everything is correct

ps : same problem when executing procedure dd if=/dev/…microSD of=/dev/sda…

hop it il will help you to reproduce on your side the problem

maybe in a version 3 we will have an input power to supply pironman and and output usbc to supply directly the rpi4 without passing on GPIO

otherwise it’s a wonderfull product



This is the GPIO 5V output voltage is insufficient, causing the Raspberry Pi working voltage is insufficient to reboot.
Please contact our after-sales staff ( to specialize in replacing your motherboard with a new one. Please include a link to this post when you send an email.