READ THIS: How to get your pironman LEDs to work!

Guys there are two versions of this case. Pironman & Pironman V2
Make sure you Install the v2 software. located here

Message to Sunfounder. I am shocked at your poor ability to identify this issue that so many people experience. I was about to return this second unit. I know you guys are losing a lot of money because of all these returns.

#1. You don’t tell us which version we have when purchasing (amazon for me)
#2. if I google “pironman instructions” the v1 page pops up and it looks exactly like what I have. So i assumed this was the one to install. You have to make note on that page that the v1 doc is no longer accurate and point people to V2 doc.

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We are very sorry for the bad experience and thank you very much for your suggestions, we have received your suggestions and we will make changes.
These are the changes we need to make.
Now we can talk about the products:
The pironman V1 and pironman V2 have the same features. It’s just that the motherboard has made changes in some connector locations, so there are two versions of the code.
There are also instructions to links on our assembly drawings, which refer precisely to the link to the correct product code. Maybe you didn’t notice it, and that’s where our problem exists.
Overall, the functionality and experience of the pironman V1 and pironman V2 are the same and not different, so you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s too confusing. If you make those changes to the page I suggested then you will reduce your return rates drastically.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we’re already arranging for the changes to be made, both on the V1 and V2 manual pages, prompting the user to first check what version they’ve got on hand, and adding a link to the guide for the other version.

Hi, I have just experienced this also. Does anyone know how to change to the screen permanently on and the colours?
I have tried :- pironman -c but that is not working. I did try to cd pironman and then it brought up a menu. I used the pironman --always_on on, but that crashed the system and the display and the lights were crashing and flickering.

1、The color of OLED screen can not be changed.

2、Please see our tutorial link about hibernation of OLED screen:

3、System and monitor crash and the lights crash and flicker?
Please provide logs:
cd /opt/pironman
cat log
Please provide a video of the problem so that we can analyze the solution.