Rtc battery of pironman 5

The RTC battery included with pironman 5, is it rechargeable?and how can I check its stat of charge?

Mine came with a CR1220 battery which is not rechargeable. I bought an ML1220 which is rechargeable. Then you have to alter the configuration of the RPi to enable the charging circuit.

You can check the battery voltage with the following command:
vcgencmd pmic_read_adc BATT_V


SteveM is correct. You can refer to the tutorial link for a detailed explanation:USB HDMI Adapter — SunFounder Pironman documentation

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Thanks for the info.

Is that normal, my Pironman 5 case is new, 1220 is new and is show that : BATT_V volt(25)=0.00085470V ? not supposed to be around 3 V? Is it drained when case is OFF?

Yes, under normal circumstances, the battery voltage is around 3V.
1.Please remove the CR1220 battery and use a multimeter to measure the voltage.
If there is no voltage, then the battery is dead; if the battery has voltage, then there is an issue with the wiring terminal.
2.Unplug the RTC wiring, check the RTC interface socket of the USB HDMI adapter, and see if the pins inside are vertical, to ensure that the 2P cable interface is in full contact with the socket pins. If the socket pins are not properly connected to the 2P cable interface, causing the socket pins to be skewed, you can use a tool to straighten the pins. After reassembly, restart the pironman5, then run vcgencmd pmic_read_adc BATT_V to check the voltage result.