Sloth Robot Cannot Connect to Bluetooth

When I boot up my Sloth using a Raspberry Pi 3 I cannot connect to Bluetooth. I am running EZBlock 3.2.21. The Raspberry Pi boots and the Bluetooth light on the Pi hat flashes and then turns off. I am using an android tablet with Bluetooth turned on. When I select the sloth icon showing an x at the top left of the EZBlock and select connect the Bluetooth searching splash screen comes up but nothing happens. How do I know if the Bluetooth on the Pi is turned on? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

If the image is installed normally and started normally, you can hear the startup sound, which means that the Ezblock service has started normally. If not, please check whether you have downloaded the latest Ezblock image, whether the SD card is inserted correctly, and whether the Raspberry Pi is turned on normally. You can check out the step-by-step tutorial here: