TS-10 + Rasp Pi 5 power & heat issue

Hello, I’m brand new to all of this. I bought the Raspberry Pi 5 kit and the TS-10 screen which I’ve just set up. It seems I have to have the TS-10 power supply connected to the screen and the Raspberry Pi 5 power supply plugged into the Pi 5. When I use the TS-10 supply only and connect it to the Pi 5 using the USB to USB-C as instructed (Pi 4 instructions) I get the warning that it’s not enough power when I boot up.

I’m guessing the Pi 5 takes more power than the 4B? Is there a recommended solution if this is correct?

Also, while I’m setting everything up and troubleshooting I am noticing the TS-10 board is getting very very hot. Whether I have both power supplies plugged into their respective units or just the TS-10 it feels way too hot.

I’m afraid I could cause damage if I continue investigating on my own.

1.TS-10 can be used with Raspberry Pi 5, but the maximum output of our TS-10 motherboard is 3A, while the input of Raspberry Pi 5 can reach 5A current.
Because our TS-10 motherboard can only output 3A current to Raspberry Pi 5. Then the low voltage prompt will appear.

2.TS-10 motherboard is which place is hot, under normal circumstances, only the IC in the middle of the motherboard work, there will be a certain amount of heat, but not so much that it will burn your hands.
Suggest you will be the motherboard heat places, photo mark to us, easy to analyze the problem.

3.Is the power supply you use the original power supply we delivered?