1.1.3 LED Bar Graph - GPIO24, SPICE0 acting strange

When running the python code:
GPIO24 (pin 6) is off, but will flash on for a moment when the pin is hit on the loop.
SPICE0 (ping 10) is flickering constantly.

I verified the LED Bar Graph is fine by switching the leads pins 5/6 and 9/10 and the issue follows the Pi.

Im using a Pi 3.

Is there a chance the Pi has something wrong with it or is it possibly by design because of how the pins work on the Pi?
I am very new and just started going through the Play with Python activities.

Thanks in advance.

Didn’t understand what you meant.
Did you encounter any problem while running sudo python3 1.1.3_LedBarGraph.py.
Please provide us with an image of the problem so that we can analyze it and solve it.
How is your GPIO cable connecting the Raspberry Pi to the breadboard.