Galaxy-RVR Assembled, Batt not charging

The unit has been assembled and double checked. We plugged it in and are only getting a red flashing light at D2 and 2 orange lights the flash intermittently, slowly at the D5, D6 position. It will not let me upload a video.

When we unplug the charger, no lights come on at all, no flick of power or indication of any kind.

  1. please connect the battery to the expansion board of galaxy-rvr and turn on the battery slide switch of the expansion board.
  2. Please provide us your problem video, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
    If your video can’t be uploaded in the forum, please upload your recorded video of the problem to your own onedrive, share the link of the video with us and will give us access to it, so we can see the video of the problem you provided.

It won’t let me add video because I’m new.

What we mean is, if you are not able to provide the video on the forum, we suggest you to install OneDrive, upload the recorded video to OneDrive, then share the video link with us and give us access to it, so we can view well the video you uploaded to OneDrive.
The problem you are experiencing is easy to analyze only if you watch the video directly.