Using Ezblock with a chromebook

I am sharing this information not as a complaint but to assist Sunfounder in making better products. I downloaded the Ezblock android app to my HP spectre x2 chromebook. The reason I am giving the model is that it would appear that Ezblock cannot run on all chromebooks (i.e. will not install on Acer chromebook spin 714).
When typing in Ezblock and you need to fill in a blank a box comes up to type in but when finished typing you cannot enter the response. I finally had to install the app on an old motorola smartphone to finished registering and setting up my PiSloth. Following registration and connecting to Bluetooth Ezblock registered and paired with the PiSloth and I was able to run a walking test program.
Hope this information helps. This is a really fun device!!! Thanks Sunfounder.

Thanks for the suggestion, we are not planning to use it on Chromebook yet, we will look into Chromebook.

Downloaded the app to my Ipad and everything works. Thanks, Sunfounder